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Spend a few minutes inside Collab Inc. to see where you could be losing productivity!

How does your business stack up when it comes to efficient collaboration? Not sure? Well, now there’s a fun way to find out! 

Collaboration is one of those business buzzwords you hear a lot these days. Organisations are forever trying to improve it, and there is plenty of excellent technology designed to facilitate it. But unlike a lot of tech jargon there’s nothing mysterious about the word collaboration. It means what it says, bringing people together with communication tools that integrate email, telephony, audio-conferencing, video, instant messaging and web-conferencing. 

The more your staff collaborate, the better they work. Simple as that. Estimates put productivity gains as high as 15 percent when the workforce has access to information, and each other, from any location and using any device. 

Vita Enterprise Solutions has created an online tool – well, more like a game really - called Collab Inc.

Collab Inc will expose (in a fun way) the pain and inefficiencies all organisations experience through not being able to collaborate effectively. The game puts you in an imaginary office and asks you to assume a role, then presents you with a series of tasks or problems for which there are a choice of outcomes. As you work through the scenarios, Collab Inc estimates the time and money wasted because of any roadblocks in the communication streams. While it appears to be a bit of fun, it has a serious purpose. Using this tool allows you to do a simulated health check on your company’s collaboration efficiency quickly and accurately.

Its assumptions about time and cost are based on professional research, so if Collab Inc throws some scary numbers at you, it might be time to review your communications systems.

You can access Collab Inc at 

With Vita Enterprise Solutions' collaboration services you can deliver connected workforces, customers, stakeholders and international partners to drive productivity gains, cost effectively.

We work with customers to deliver these outcomes:

• Scalability

• Productivity gains

• Connected workforces

• Connected customers

• Reliable solutions

• Future proofed

• Designed to deliver ROI from Day One

 With Vita Enterprise Solutions, it could be the answer you’re looking for. We’ll break through the communication roadblocks with clever technology tailored for your business.


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Who is Vita Enterprise Solutions?

As part of Vita Group, Australia’s most exciting technology, communications and electronics provider, Vita Enterprise Solutions draws on the insight, expertise and know-how generated from 20 years of servicing the Australian market.

Vita Enterprise Solutions has built an enviable record of technology and service delivery. Our strong reputation comes from developing in-house expertise and aligning with key technology and telecommunications partners like Telstra, Samsung, Avaya and Microsoft.

We pride ourselves on matching agile technology outcomes to your business requirements, simplifying the process for you. From providing the right mobility solution to increasing collaboration, transitioning you to the Cloud or the NBN and delivering hardware and accessory solutions, Vita Enterprise Solutions will partner with you to deliver a personalised fully integrated end-to-end solution to your business. 


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