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Three things about Cloud Computing your CFO needs to know

Cloud Computing

The Cloud offers enormous opportunities but is often associated with challenges. Here's the most common myths we hear against Cloud computing everyday. IT managers doing their due diligence before contemplating a transition to the cloud will encounter arguments against switching from an in-house system.

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Associated Costs

Some IT managers might consider it is too expensive. Abandoning in-house servers, hardware and software that cost a small fortune to install does seem wasteful. Coupled with the cost of paying Cloud computing subscriptions for hosted platforms and software, the numbers can look intimidating.

But over time, the economics of building and running a technology infrastructure will favour the Cloud. A Cloud provider has the advantage of economies of scale, buying big and driving down prices. Hardware is getting cheaper all the time, and the Cloud providers are buying it all the time, enabling them to pass on the savings to their customers. Services provided by operators are becoming cheaper as a result. Amazon Web Services, for example, has cut prices more than a dozen times in recent years. When the productivity gains that moving to Cloud computing will bring are factored in, it is money well spent. Read: How the Cloud can grow your business


Then there’s the issue of reliability. Being at the mercy of a system controlled by others is understandably concerning. But service interruptions are rare, and usually brief. Back-up strategies are available. If you have a hotmail or gmail account, or use online banking, can you recall it crashing for any significant period? No? That’s Cloud computing reliability for you.

Cloud Computing Security

What about security? Some high-profile data breaches around the world have made this a hot topic. The only way to have complete computer security is to have no computers. Security is like any other aspect of a business – staff, training, equipment, marketing – the more you invest in it, the better the return. You get what you pay for, and Cloud Computing is as safe as you want it to be. Whitepaper Download: Is the Cloud Secure

“Not everyone will be automatically sold on the benefits of the Cloud,” says George Reinso, Vita Enterprise Solutions Cloud Solutions Manager. “But if you sit down with an enterprise and show them why moving to a Cloud solution is something they need, they embrace it.” 

Current Challenges

In a recent survey of 250 ICT Decision Makers, Cloud, Security and Mobility were identified as the top 3 trends impacting ICT needs. Read the key findings, particularly Insight #3: 5 tips on moving to the Cloud

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