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Three Video Conferencing Benefits for Your Business

Video conferencing benefits businesses with a geographically dispersed workforce through a variety of ways. Video communications have been around for years, but it is only now that video conferencing benefits are being realised.

The growth in video’s popularity is partly due to better technology, partly because it is becoming easier to use, and partly due to consumer acceptance - it was only a matter of time before Skype and its peers were adapted to a business environment. Here’s just a few reasons how video conferencing could benefit your business.

Reduced Travel Costs

A major beneift of video conferencing is the reduction in travel costs. Instead of flying everyone to head office for a meeting, a UC set-up allows everyone to dial in from wherever they are as long as they have a device with a reasonable internet connection.

Online Training

Training can be conducted the same way. Employees in branch offices can sit in on training sessions conducted at head office using their phone or tablet.

Richer Conversations with Customers

Increasingly video communications is expanding from its role as an in-house cost-saver to a sales tool as businesses use it more to connect with customers. What’s happening is a bit like what happened in the development of television: while everyone enjoyed black and white TV, when colour came along it was only a matter of time before everyone had moved to the new format. Video conferencing benefits those who are able to maintain a closer relationship with their customers through it. Soon, every business will be having conversations with its employees and customers using video.

“The use of video is one of the buzzes around Cloud computing,” says Adam Hislop, Solutions Manager, Data and UC for Vita Enterprise Solutions. “But it is not yet at the levels it should be,” he continues, predicting it will fundamentally change the way businesses interact with their customers.

Before the Cloud, UC and widespread video communications would have added a big chunk of zeros to a cap-ex budget. But the Cloud makes Unified Communications available to all different types and sizes of organisations, not just the big ones who could afford it. Those who understand the benefits of video conferencing will truly gain a strategic business position.

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