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TIPT Applications

Telstra IP Telephony (TIPT) replaces the need and the limitations of a traditional PABX phone system by moving the functionality to Telstra's hosted service. This contemporary solution will deliver improved productivity and customer service by delivering speed and efficiency around communications.

As a Telstra Next IP Certified Dealer, Vita Enterprise Solutions is well positioned to deliver unique solutions customised for Telstra’s IP Telephony and Next IP network.


TIPT is designed for faster communiation and can operate with existing telephone systems hosted on the Telstra network. It is convenient and flexible, and ideal for large offices, branch offices, remote sites or contact centres. 

TIPT cn be cost effective with lower call costs. It can also negate the financial burden of initial capital expenses and the ongoing costs of maintenance and upgrades. 

Deliver a competitive advantage with TIPT Business Applications

A collaborative communication solution not only makes it convenient to share information and stay in touch with onsite and mobile staff, it also allows your business to be more agile and innovative. 

You can deliver scalable and repeatable improvements in customer service and maximise workforce productivity with collaboration tools and desktops, smartphones and tables. 

When an ideal solution doesn't exist, our team can create customised solutions in house. We bridge the gap between IT systems and telephony with these applications:


Presence integrates Microsoft Skype for Business (formerly Lync) with TIPT seamlessly - maximisign the overall end-user experience. you know when your colleagues are available and ready to collaborate.


CallBoard provides real time data visualisation fo call centre KPIs, high level statistics and an ability to trigger pre-set alerts. It enables you to proactively manage and increase all centre team productivity and situational awareness.


BulkTools allows bulk changes to a TIPT group. Save time, money and get agile with uyrou system changes.

Your collaboration solution can be simply managed via the cloud, you pay as you go and for what you use via your Telstra bill.

Customer outcomes

  • Productivity - Real time availability of colleagues more time previously spent playing phone tag becomes productive.
  • Cost savings - With a cloud based platform, pay as you go and pay for what you use.
  • Satisfaction - You can collaborate with customers virtually anywhere, thereby increasing customer satisfaction. This is also true for employee satisfaction, By allowing employees access to flexible work plans, reduced travel needs and unified business applications.
  • Communication - Available and accessible at all times, for onsite and mobile workers.
  • Resourcing - Simplified operating expenditure (OPEX) models means you can move away from big up front capital expenditure (CAPEX) projects.

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