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Top 4 Tech Trends for the second half of 2016

With 2016 passing the half way mark, CIO’s are looking for the trends that will shape the next twelve months. IT infrastructure will continue to play a growing role in how businesses overcome challenges and drive growth.

While we will continue to see big data, mobility and cloud solutions continuing as key trends, several other trends are becoming increasingly important as the world adapts to changing market demands and growing competition.

1. The IoT

Over the past few decades, as broadband internet has become more prevalent and the cost of connecting has decreased, more and more devices are being created with wifi capabilities and sensors built into them.

The internet of things is the concept of connecting these devices to the internet (and/or to each other); read What is the Internet of Things here. Driving this trend is the amount of actionable data being produced by connected devices.

Everything from vehicle engines to microwaves are now being built with sensors, which are sending critical information in real time for businesses to action. Machine-to-machine technology and the IoT have the ability to provide limitless potential for business. These products and services will allow you to connect employees, devices, systems and data for more effective communications. You can reduce cost, risk and wasted time and increase efficiency, profit and customer satisfaction.

2. Hybrid IT

Hybrid IT is starting to emerge as a popular way to drive productivity, modernise IT systems and processes and lower the burden on internal IT teams (in terms of both budgets and resources). The combination of using public cloud computing for noncritical IT services, and continuing to own and operate internal IT services that house critical applications and data, provides a blended solution of security, fiscal savings and lower in-house resourcing requirements.

As such, hybrid IT will rapidly emerge as the architecture of choice to combine these outsourced services with existing infrastructure, to maintain competitiveness without overcommitting resources on capital expenditure.

3. Cloud security

The cloud offers many benefits, but offers a different set of security worries than on-premise solutions do. As more and more business move towards the cloud, cloud security is becoming more of a concern.

Many companies are increasingly utilising cloud-based security-as-a-service offerings, rather than continually updating their security software.

Security-as-a-service is now being taken on to protect all facets of organisations’ IT infrastructure. Now, with so many IT services being outsourced, cloud-based security is likely to explode.


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4. Mobility

Mobility is already a huge part of the business world, and this is only set to increase. Companies that do not encourage and effectively facilitate the use of mobility will start to feel the negative effects. Mobility done effectively increases employee productivity and engagement, and in the next twelve, mobility will become even more important to the overall business mix, with more business functions, services and processes being performed via mobile devices.

Another trend set to rise will be the advent of mobility managed services. When you consider that 77% of Enterprises dramatically underestimate the cost of mobile device management, which amounts to $200 on average per device, with a further $14,857 in costs associated to non-productive salary time, increasingly we will see businesses turning to external resources to manage the ever-growing burden of mobility.

Our recent survey uncovered the startling figure that about two thirds of all ICT executives underestimate the costs associated with managing mobility. Mobility managed service solutions are built to save time and money, reduce administration, improve security, increase stakeholder confidence, and speed up delivery of ‘ready to use’ devices. Therefore, as mobility increases, so too will the rise of managed mobility services.   


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