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Internal Communications Strategy Benefits from Unified Comms

You’ve heard of internal communication strategy and unified comms but think it’s a fancy term for everyone in your enterprise having the same kind of phone. But when harnessed to the power and flexibility offered by Cloud computing, UC can turbo-charge the productivity of your workforce.

Every business needs to thoroughly understand why UC and the Cloud are revolutionising the way we all work and integrate UC into their companies communications strategy. But it is no big mystery.

Simplifying Unified Communications

“The Cloud,” says Vita Group’s Cloud Solutions Manager George Reinso, “is just the IT side of doing business.”

When explaining the benefits of adopting UC and the Cloud into your business’s communication strategy, George uses the analogy of trying to get a group of friends together to go to a football game.

“It can be a drama organising even that simple activity,” he says. “You have to contact everyone, get them to agree on a date, buy the tickets and coordinate where and when to meet beforehand.”

But if all your friends were hooked into a system of Collaboration, you could send them a message that would appear on all their smart devices at once. Presence capabilities would alert you as to who was available for a chat so that if you needed to speak to someone you wouldn’t have to play phone tag.

Perhaps you would want to quickly organise a video conference where everyone could have their two cents’ worth about what to do on the day. Your mates can access the seating plan and ticket price list in a Drop Box you’ve created. Then you jump on the net and buy the tickets online, and they are delivered electronically. You print them out and go to the game. All sorted while you were lying on a banana lounge by the pool.

Increased flexibility

Transplant that ease of communication into a business environment. By implementing UC as part of your internal communications strategy you can significantly reduce your outgoings. For starters, it allows employees to work from home, saving you on equipment and office costs. Web and videoconferencing applications reduce the need for business travel whilst still being connected to the internal phone system.

Cheaper Communication

Moreover, UC gives you cheaper calls than with a traditional business phone system. Calls made within the internal digital network or over the internet are free. UC can also simplify billing and predict how much your monthly spend will be.

And just by simply knowing where everyone is and whether they are available for a chat can save your workforce valuable time not spent chasing each other fruitlessly.

The smart way with Vita

With our in-house specialists, you can have certainty and confidence that we’ll deliver a unified communication solution to meet your commercial, financial and operational needs. Enquire online today!

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