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Updating to a cloud service


The power of agile collaboration is well documented. Unified Communications and Cloud is the future, but before you dive in you need to run the rule over your potential provider.

The power of one 

A major benefit of adopting a cloud-based UC solution is consolidating all your communications (voice, audio/video-conferencing, email, Mobility, Internet services), training and support under one partner, on one bill. Make sure the provider you choose is a one-stop shop.

A helping hand

A cloud-based Unified Communications solution coupled with full Mobility will propel your business to the next level and beyond – if the support is up to scratch. There’s no point equipping your workforce with the tools that enable them to work anytime, anywhere, if they don’t have access to a help desk 24/7. Ideally the support offered by your UC provider should be comprehensive, encompassing the hardware, software and Cloud issues. And it would be provided by them, not a third party.

Peace of mind

Companies should choose a hosted service provider with a secure network that protects voice and data communications to meet the highest industry standards and an enterprise’s own security policies. As part of that security, hosted providers should also have a disaster recovery strategy in place.

Worth the effort

Apart from the productivity gains a well-managed and resourced UC solution will bring to an enterprise, the cost savings should be significant. By moving your communications to a hosted Cloud service, companies should save money on computer and telecommunications hardware, multiple licenses for applications and reduce telephone bills dramatically. Your provider should be able to help you achieve these savings with simplified billing and charging consistency.

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