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Virtual reality transforming aged care

Residents in aged care facilities are set to receive a new lease on life in the coming years, thanks to the emergence of virtual reality designed specifically for health and aged care.

Virtual reality (VR) is set to be a game-changer across the healthcare industry, and is already presenting opportunities for the development of new treatments in a wide range of fields including phobias, obesity, pain management and brain-function rehabilitation.

In aged care however, virtual reality set-ups are providing patients the opportunity to explore a new world beyond their aged care homes and in some cases bring back treasured memories.

Vita Enterprise Solutions is positioning itself to meet the exciting challenges this technology will provide, teaming up with partners such as Samsung and application developer Build VR to provide healthcare solutions in the field of aged care.

Consisting of a phone, virtual reality goggles and virtual reality software, this technology allows residents to leave behind the world of their facility and experience trips to far-flung locations, underwater adventures and a variety of soothing and relaxing meditative experiences.

When they put the goggles on, the residents are immersed in a 360-degree computer-generated world, allowing them to move their heads to look around the environment.

The visual and audio content is designed specifically for aged care and health. Early results suggest that for people with dementia in particular, this technology can dramatically improve their quality of life, letting them experience places they've been before to trigger old memories, or take them to a place that they may wish to go to create new memories.

The adoption of VR in aged care will only increase as the sophistication of headsets, goggles and content improves and the cost of the technology continues to fall. 

Together with our partners Samsung and Build VR, Vita Enterprise Solutions can deliver world-class VR solutions specifically designed for aged care. Our expertise in rolling out complex ICT solutions from end to end and providing ongoing device management and user support makes us the ideal partner to facilitate your VR project deployment.

To find out more about this solution, contact us on 1300 139 310 or enquire online.

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