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Vita Insight: Staffing a huge concern for ICT sector

It's a problem common to many industries, but it is causing some real grief in the ICT sector - how do you find and retain skilled staff?

A new survey pinpoints this as one of the most pressing challenges facing ICT executives of most organisations as they juggle the demands of doing business in an environment of rapidly evolving technology.

The Vita Enterprise Solutions Insights survey for FY17 canvassed the opinions of more than 320 key executives in enterprises with an annual ICT spend of more than $75,000 and with workforces ranging from 50 employees to more than 10,000. "Getting staff retrained quickly and being able to RETAIN them so they don't go elsewhere," wrote one exasperated CIO when asked what he thought were the major challenges facing his organisation, putting his response in capital letters so his point wasn't missed. "Retaining staff and finding staff with the correct skills," wrote another. 

It is easy to see why getting the right staff with the right skill levels and then keeping them is causing CIOs so many headaches.

The demand for skilled ICT workers is already high and predicted to get higher - much higher.

A report commissioned by the Australian Computer Society last year called Australia’s Digital Pulse found that the technology sector is one of the fastest growing parts of Australia’s economy. The report calculated that Australia needed to find another 100,000 ICT workers by 2020 - at a time when the number of graduates with tech qualifications are steadily declining. “It's not a crisis but it is a concern, and staffing problems take up too much of a CIO's time when it could be better spent enabling staff to get the best use out of the new technologies that are transforming the way people work and do business,” said Vita Enterprise Solutions General Manager Paul Edmondson. 

“Fortunately, there is a solution – outsourcing,” Mr Edmondson said. “By handing over some non-core functions to a partner, you ease the pressure on internal resources and free-up staff to concentrate on customer service and enabling other operations within the organisation to get the best out of their ICT,” he said. “It's not just the function - for example, managing mobility, or planning and commissioning a unified communications system - that becomes someone else's problem, but also the staffing worries that go with it.”

Vita Enterprise Solutions is Telstra’s largest enterprise partner with teams of highly qualified, highly experienced ICT professionals who can deliver ongoing solutions to business.
The full results report from the Vita Enterprise Solutions FY17 Insights Survey is available here.  


Annual ICT Insights Survey 2016

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