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What are hybrid clouds?

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Cloud computing is revolutionising technology for business by providing the latest software, communication tools, servers, storage and security over the internet. Learn more about Hybrid Cloud, including how it can help your business.

Hybrid Cloud Storage

The upside of Hybrid Cloud Storage is the combination of private and public data.

Private data is where only the individual can access files and data, while the public cloud storage is accessible to all.

With hybrid cloud storage, businesses can tailor cloud storage resources between local data centre infrastructure and on-demand infrastructure. This is normally managed by the cloud storage provider.

Hybrid cloud is generally a good option for those organisations who want to move to the cloud but still have concerns over data security.

Many organisations worry about security, but still want to reap the benefits of moving away from on premise technology, this is ideal with Hybrid cloud as it allows a 'half-way’ option.

Hybrid cloud storage combines the advantages of:

• reliability

• cost savings of public cloud storage

• security and full control of private cloud storage

For those companies that are not ready to outsource their entire IT operations into the public cloud, it can be a good way to test the cloud experience. For example, by using a hybrid cloud solution, you can keep sensitive data in-house but rely on public cloud for things such as email.

Typically, hybrid clouds appeal to organisations that are governed by regulatory requirements, but have some scope to not have to keep everything on premises, such as an e-commerce organisation.

How will Hybrid Cloud help my business?

Not all software will be compatible with your company. Deciding whether to choose public, private or hybrid cloud can depend on a number of factors like:

• your business data protection requirements

• what applications you use

• the size of the business

Financial savings and the flexibility to scale based on need will continue to drive public cloud adoption, but whilst strict regulations for many organisations remain in place not all companies will make the move. Nevertheless, these organisations will still require highly efficient in-house operations, so their move to hybrid cloud is inevitable.

Selecting the best Hybrid Cloud for your needs

A successful shift towards a hybrid cloud corporate environment will require a new approach throughout your organisation. Therefore, it is critical for you to find hybrid cloud provider that has the right migration products to enable easy relocation of existing services. Your development teams need access to the right public cloud tools to work efficiently, so you must ensure the solutions you find can provide security and familiarity which reflects your workplace.

For more details, read how to choose the best cloud solution for business.

Vita Enterprise Solutions

Vita Enterprise Solutions has released a Cloud Readiness Assessment, designed to enable your enterprise to identify ROI by moving to the right cloud solution. For further reading on the Cloud, download our whitepaper.  

As Telstra's largest enterprise partner you can be confident that we have experience and expertise delivering tailored solutions in the Telstra Cloud, optimised for your workloads and outcomes. Contact 1300 139 310 or enquire online today.


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