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What to expect from VoIP Services Providers

Choosing the right VoIP service provider is critical to your business. Researching the more crucial selection criteria is in the best interests of your business. VoIP is proven to be reliable and cost effective. It may be the missing component you’ve been looking for to take your business’ communication system to the next level.

Enterprise VoIP solutions offer large organisations advanced features and functionality for their business telephone service. From conference calling to desk-to-desk calling and automated attendants, VoIP provides state of the art calling technology. It also offers added levels of security to protect private and confidential VoIP communications, such as IPSec encryption and Voice over Secure IP (VoSIP).

What to consider when selecting a VoIP service provider

Personalised solutions

Keep in mind when selecting a VoIP provider that no two solutions should be the same. The best VoIP provider is the one that can meet your business’ specific needs.

Integration with existing infrastructure

Some solutions may require an upgrade of existing office technology and infrastructure. Factor in the additional cost of this and whether the VoIP service provider includes installation in their package.

Vendor reliability

Your business’ phone service is an essential point of contact. Check to see how reliable the vendor is, how they prevent serious outages, how often the system may be down for upgrades and maintenance, and how they respond when incidents occur.

Pricing structure and rates

Most providers charge by the seat (i.e. number of users) while others may charge per call. Paying per call typically only makes sense if your company has a low volume of outgoing calls but a lot of incoming calls.

Ability to migrate your current phone numbers

Some providers will allow you to keep your existing numbers and extensions free of charge, but some may charge an additional fee.


One disadvantage of connecting your telephony system to your business’ computer network is increased vulnerability to the same security threats as other IT components. Find out what security protocols the VoIP provider have in place to protect the system.

Tech Support

This can be vital to your business communications. Most VoIP providers offer 24/7 support with time guarantees that should be stipulated in the contract, along with the repercussions for the vendor if they’re not met.


Your VoIP service provider should be able to meet your business’ needs as your company grows and evolves. Find out how flexible they can be in the future when you need to upgrade or change your plan.

Other factors to consider include the portability of the suggested VoIP solution, customer support and satisfaction guarantees.

There are many VoIP service providers out there that offer different options in terms of pricing, services and features. It will be beneficial to work closely with your chosen vendor to ensure your VoIP solution meets your business’ current and future needs.


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