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What to look for in an ICT supplier

Leading businesses are nimble, responsive, and constantly innovating - regardless of their industry. And while many of these quality traits are achieved by forward-thinking management teams and empowered employees, a lot of the deliverables are underpinned with the help of a quality ICT supplier.

Service that goes beyond 'customer service'

We've all heard businesses talk about how 'great' or 'exceptional' their customer service is, only to be thoroughly disappointed in reality. The businesses that really do provide exceptional service are often ones that prove it through their actions. Great customer service is about being 'surprised and delighted', so make sure your ICT supplier is treating you that way. Nothing should ever be too much trouble.

Innovations in service delivery

When your ICT supplier has a clean, functional and modern website that helps you get the information you need, it's a good sign of things to come. 

But leading ICT suppliers know that it takes a lot more than an functional website to impress their customers. Leading ICT suppliers are all about providing generous education, consultancy and improvements to their clients' businesses, not just shifting boxes for the cheapest price.

Innovative communication methods, opportunities for regular feedback and careful monitoring of services and implementations are all key factors to look for.

Use of up-to-date technology

No client in this time of nimble, cloud-based IT services should have to use a poorly designed supplier job tracking system, or have a supplier that uses outdated communication methods.

If your supplier isn't using the latest communication, procurement and monitoring technologies in their own business and in their interactions with you, then you have reason to be concerned.

Awards or no awards?

Generally, it's a good thing to see your ICT supplier receiving industry awards. What to look for is whether they had any true competition in their award fields (validity) and more importantly, what they did to be worthy of the award (worthiness).

Well regarded awards are those that celebrate exceptional growth and customer development, where your ICT supplier has gone above and beyond, and is now being recognised for it. 

Timely supply and service

It goes without saying that late delivery and lots of excuses aren't good signs when you're relying on an ICT supplier.

Some ICT suppliers offer written service delivery guarantees with financial penalties or service bonuses in your favour if they don't meet their commitments. Promises like these are a positive sign, and whilst no-one really wants their supplier to let them down, it's reassuring when they proactively arrange penalty payments for you when you do.

What are you lacking in your current supplier?

The above points aren't an exhaustive list - but if after reading this you're wondering whether your existing supplier really measures up, it might be time for a change. Moving into FY18, ICT managers continue to hold high expectations for the suppliers they work with, with knowledge and understanding of the market of particular importance.

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