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Why Vita Enterprise Solutions for Skype for Business

You can sell the best technology in the world but unless it works the way your customer wants it to, and in harmony with their other systems and hardware, you’re only creating a problem for yourself.

That’s why it is reassuring to know you can call on the expertise and experience that is embedded in Vita Enterprise Solutions when looking for a partner to help implement a Skype for Business solution.

Skype for Business may look and feel like the free user-friendly consumer app everyone is familiar with, but the enterprise grade and secure version is a powerful tool for medium-sized enterprises, with a capability of allowing up to 250 users on a video conference session at once.

“Vita Enterprise Solutions has extensive experience implementing this type of business technology, forging an enviable reputation as Telstra’s largest enterprise partner,” says Satish Kumar Shivaraj, Solutions Architect.

“We build a road-map to successful installation through exhaustive consultation with all stakeholders, attaining a thorough understanding of an enterprise’s goals and expectations.”

“Our process includes the development of a network audit.”

By drawing on the skills of a large team of ICT experts, Vita contributes to all aspects of the planning and design of the project, and can manage it from start to finish.

“But Vita Enterprise Solutions’ involvement doesn’t end with the deployment and go-live,” says Shivaraj.

“We can assist clients to maximise employee productivity and customer satisfaction, help iron out glitches and create bespoke solutions in-house, as well as provide comprehensive and ongoing training.”

Where a hybrid strategy has been selected, Vita Enterprise Solutions also has the experience and skill to help pull together a multi-vendor solution.

We have a great track record of working with Telstra on a wide range of ICT projects, so if it is Skype for Business you are looking at, let us help you see the vision.

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