Rules to Promote Your Event on Twitter: How to Make It a Success

A successful event to promote is not just about informing, and it’s also about engaging. People should feel excited and curious about your event. They’ll be out of the loop.

The real gold at the rainbow is then. The attendees can continue the conversation by sharing their experiences on social media and creating blog posts.

Many believe that Twitter’s ability to provide brand marketing platforms is waning, particularly as it faces stiff competition from Instagram and Snapchat. Regarding active monthly users, Instagram has been ahead of Twitter for a while and is still second to Facebook regarding clout. Twitter remains a great engagement platform for event promotion.

Twitter: Why?

Twitter is the best social media marketing tool to promote events. It’s where people go to get news updates and information. As CEO Jack Dorsey explains, Twitter is the best way to keep up with what’s happening worldwide in real time.

Guess what? It’s news. It is the latest news and, ideally, the best place to be for people in your industry. It’s where attendees can find essential information and get any updates as the event nears. Twitter is very popular among tech-savvy, college-educated millennials. This demographic is likely to have a few dozen or hundreds of attendees.

Facebook is an excellent tool for promoting your event. If you’re promoting B2B events, Instagram can add depth and visual interest to the promotion. Make Twitter your platform for generating support and attracting people to your event.

How to use Twitter for your event like a pro

This is fantastic; Twitter can help you increase interest and create the event promoter’s dream: a sell-out event with attendees packed like sardines inside a tin.

However, more than tweeting about event news is needed to make it happen. You must be creative and strategic in your marketing. Three hundred fifty thousand tweets are being sent each minute. Make sure yours stands out early so they can achieve the snowball effect you desire.

These tips, tricks, and best practices will help you get the most from your Twitter promotion.

Account for Dedicated Events

Do you need to create an account unique to your event? You should, and it’s best to do this early. Although you can also promote your event via your brand’s Twitter account, a dedicated fund would be brilliant if it draws a large crowd or is a recurring event.

If you don’t separate them, other brand tweets can drown out the news about your event. Too many tweets will be ignored, which could lead to unfollowing. Many users prefer to follow the Twitter account of your event, so they are updated on relevant news but not interested in your business or brand. With a dedicated account, your conference or another occasion can give your followers the freedom to get the information they need.

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