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Give Your Business that Get Up and Go

Smartphones and tablets are revolutionising mobile working and staff no longer have to be in the office to stay in touch. Mobility means staff no longer have to be in the office to stay in touch. It is undeniable – these devices will help you do business better by boosting productivity, improving customer service and empowering staff.

And while smarter technology may be making business operations simpler, decisions about the best hardware, connectivity and support are increasingly more complex.

Did you know, setting up 500 devices could take 375 of skilled IT resources. Find out about our Mobility Managed Services (MMS) and reduce your IT workload to vritually zero. 

Vita Enterprise Solutions will help you through the mobility maze and ensure that you have a communication solution that fits your business needs. Because we understand that not all business is the same, we’ll take the time to tailor a solution for your business and not the other way round. 

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The Smart Way with Vita

With our in-house specialists, you can have certainty and confidence that we’ll deliver a mobility solution to meet your commercial, financial and operational needs. We deliver these business outcomes:

  • Open up new sales and marketing channels, and drive up revenue via transactions on mobile devices.
  • Increase revenue through customer engagement on mobile devices. 
  • Improve field service and customer service delivery.
  • Increase productivity as 'ready to use' - fully configured devices with end users faster. 
  • Helpdesk available when you need it, with asset tracking and reporting. 
  • Project coordination, transition planning and customer go live support. 
  • Reduce your device pool as well as your capital/operating expenses outlay with rapid repair and hot swap. 
  • Save time, money, reduce administration, enhance security and speed up delivery of mobile devices to end users.

Read our 5-point Checklist: Business Mobility Plans and Mobility Strategy

We’ve also teamed with Telstra, Australia’s leading communications provider, giving you access to world-class reliability, functionality and performance. Contact us on 1300 139 310


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