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Professional Development for Education

We offer a range of professional development courses to ensure your staff have the contemporary teaching and work practices required to teach and learn in a digital world.

Discover our learning devices and infrastructure technology options for schools. 

An Apple Professional Development Specialist is a current or former educator, ensuring the focus of the professional learning they deliver is always relevant and timely.

Learning can take place onsite or online, giving you flexible options to empower learning.

Courses Levels

Level 1: Leadership offerings help education leaders envision, plan and implement a transformative learning environment for faculty members and students, leveraging Apple products and content.

Level 2: Foundations offerings focus on the features of Apple products and apps, and on developing those into skills that apply to learning and teaching. Foundations courses help faculty members become confident and comfortable using Apple products and integrating them into their teaching strategies.

Level 3: Integration offerings take foundational skills to the next level of learning by exploring content design that engages learners, and cross-curricular integration of Apple product features and content.

Level 4: Support offerings (Seminars) are development sessions for a cohort of educators and are optimally taken directly after completing one of the Foundations or Integration courses. Seminars extend and develop newly developed knowledge by mentoring participants in a personal learning project.

Sample Courses

Publishing Interactive Content with iBooks Author

Learn how to create and share interactive multi-Touch books for learning and teaching.

Promoting Authentic Reading and Writing

Discover how to use real-world themes in reading and writing by giving learners 
a voice, ownership and creative power over how they show understanding. Learn how to use Apple creativity apps to help support research, persuasion and communication.

Designing Interactive Assessment and Learning Activities

Make learning and assessment more engaging by adding an element of gaming to lessons. Learn how to use the advanced features of Keynote to create nonlinear interactive learning activities that foster critical thinking, problem-solving and creativity.

Creating Exploratory Learning Experiences

Learn how to help students become thoughtful producers of scientific data and creators of knowledge by using effective tools to gather, analyse and share information.

Facilitating Real- World Learning

Learn how to create authentic learning activities that engage students across multiple disciplines in solving real-world problems with Apple creativity apps and the Challenge Based Learning framework.

Engaging Early Learners

Discover how to create developmentally appropriate activities using Apple apps for early education learners (K–2). Explore accessibility features and build learning experiences that focus on fine motor skills, storytelling, games, and conceptual development and readiness in young learners.

iTunes U

Making Thoughtful Resource Decisions Explore the powerful Apple stores — the iBooks Store, iTunes Store, Mac App Store and App Store — and learn how to select valuable resources appropriate to instructional needs, based on a quality rubric.

Many more courses are available. For further information, contact Vita Enterprise Solutions online or on 1300 139 310.

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