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MyCareManager Companion | Social Engagement & Telehealth Solution


73% of aged care organisations have planned IT spend to enable resident access to the Internet and social networking sites.

Social engagement and mental engagement are key factors for ageing well and play an important role in managing the health and wellbeing of seniors.

MyCareManager Companion brings these two elements together in highly personalised, flexible, simple and secure tablet platform designed specifically for seniors to help them engage with technology to live happier, healthier and more independent lives.

MyCareManager Companion consists of three main parts:

  1. A platform that curates the most popular existing internet applications, content and services such as Facebook and Skype.
  2. An online portal that a family member or caregiver can use to handpick the services most relevant to their loved one or client.
  3. A piece of software running on a Samsung tablet that radically simplifies and personalizes the interface for the user based on their interests and cognitive abilities.

The open tablet-based platform can be adapted to fit the needs of care givers, with providers able to white-label the program to their own brand, upload their own content, services and applications and bundle proprietary content and services with popular applications like Facebook and Kindle. 

MyCareManager Companion can decrease implementation time by 80%

How we deliver MyCareManager Companion

Vita Enterprise Solutions works together with Samsung to sell MyCareManager Companion as a managed service for a monthly subscription per user.

Our bundle includes the MyCareManager Companion licence including Samsung Knox MDM licence, choice of 9.7 inch Samsung Tab A Wi-Fi or Samsung Tab S2 LTE, extending Samsung warranty, tablet case and stylus pen (by 3Eye).

We take care of everything from set-up to configuration and provide ongoing support and asset management to ensure you gaining maximum benefit for your clients and return on your investment for your business. 

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