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Health Monitoring Solutions

Vita Enterprise Solutions works in partnership with Telstra to deliver a customisable system that gives care providers greater precision in remotely managing the health of clients, while giving clients greater control over their own wellbeing, enabling your business to:

  • Efficiently deliver high level care to clients in their home
  • Gain real-time client data to help you better respond to adverse situations
  • Improve client satisfaction and loyalty
  • Improve collaboration between care teams and their clients

There are four key components:

  1. Online Portal:
    The portal is a real-time dashboard of client health information. It includes medication details, service schedules, care plans from clinical and client management systems and readings from health devices. Using this platform, providers can set up alerts reminding clients to take medications and tests and post data collection forms, such as assessments and surveys that are specific to the client’s condition. 
  2. Telemonitoring:
    This feature collects data from medical devices such as weighing scales, glucose monitors and pulse oximeters. It enables remote monitoring of chronic conditions such as congestive heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes, asthma and hypertension.
  3. Video Conferencing:
    High-definition video-conferencing means care teams can video-call clients to discuss care-plan tasks, assist with medication, observe wounds or discuss an out-of-range reading. It also supports case conferencing between remote-care team members.
  4. Integration Engine:
    The engine extracts real-time information from clinical, service and client management systems, and delivers though a single portal.

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