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Sofihub | Home Monitoring Solution


Research shows that seniors have better physical and mental health when they know they have stable, long-term accommodation. Currently, seniors living independently use a Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) to call for assistance in the event of an emergency, and are often both technologically challenged and uncomfortable with the stigma attached to current aged care solutions. Using independent trials run with Deakin University, together with residents from the City of Greater Geelong, Sofihub listened to seniors and designed a solution that would complement their lives, without asking them to change.

Introducing Sofihub

3 key objectives:

  1. Alerts - identify situations when the senior may need assistance, then raise an alert automatically
  2. Greetings & Reminders - a friendly persona for messages and reminders
  3. Reduce anxiety for both seniors and families

Sensors and SofiAI

Sofihub does not use "if this, then that", rather the artificial intelligence collects all sensor data across the home and builds a baseline profile of normal behaviour, and uses this profile to identify "risk" situations. Up to 20 different "logics" are applied and weighted to identify the difference between "normal" and "risk" prior to raising an alert.


Sofihub is a command centre for the home:

  • Speaker for greetings and reminders
  • Mini Computer
  • SofiAI software for learning and identification of risk
  • 4G connectivity for sending alerts and software updates
  • UPS (4 hours back up power), plus alert to notify outage
  • Sofi button - press button to repeat last message

How Sofihub helps

  • Sofihub reminders - Sofihub can also be linked to a Google Calendar to remind the user of appointments and special events such as birthdays
  • The HUB - Sofihub is a command centre for the home, connected to the most important people in the user's life
  • Family alerts - As soon as Sofihub detects abnormal behaviour, it takes steps to notify the appropriate family members
  • Hydration reminders - "Maybe it's time for a glass of water." Sofihub Hydration Reminder ensures the user does not forget
  • Tuning and reports - Sofihub allows users and their family members to customise their experience using Sofituning, via the Sofihub app

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