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Solis VR | Diversionary Therapy through Virtual Reality


Partnering with BuildVR, we've brought to market, Solis, a high quality, all-inclusive virtual reality package for aged care residents that helps to improve their overall wellbeing and enjoyment of life.  

Solis delivers truly immersive experiences that can assist with a variety of health and mobility challenges, with the application able to be adapted for use in diversional therapy, relaxation and pain management.

The program offers experiences across five categories: travel, adventure, animals, aquatic and relaxation, giving clients the ability to escape from the everyday, without having to travel anywhere.

Dual screens also allow users to share their experiences with their loved ones and their carers, helping to strengthen relationships and to give carers greater insight into the emotional state and needs of their clients.

How we deliver Solis

Vita Enterprise Solutions offers an all-inclusive, ready-to-go package that includes a Samsung device and headset that is pre-loaded with the Solis application.

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