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People are becoming more interested in staying updated with the latest trends as technology advances. Leading technology blogs can fill this gap by providing readers with quality analysis and insights. Tech geeks and businesspeople are more interested in topics that relate to backend development and testing. This article lists some of the top tech blogs on the web, considering the consumer and the business reader’s needs (in no particular order). Watch out for wildcard entries.

TechCrunch has also been ranked as one of the largest tech blogs. It is a tech blog focusing on startup news, internet products, and breaking technology news. It was founded on June 5, 2005, and it has 12 million unique monthly visitors with over 37 million page views in the same period. TechCrunch is the place to go if you want to know about the newest gadgets, games, apps, and startups.

Read Deep

Why not begin with a wildcard entry? You probably still need to read about this blog. This is why I placed it at the top of my list. Read Dive, an emerging technology blog, focuses on software development, testing, and fintech. It always provides me with high-quality material that grabs my attention. In a few years, with its growing readership, I may have to move it up the list for another reason.

Tech World Times

Tech World Times is aimed at a particular audience more interested in advanced topics such as AI, Blockchain, Development, Testing, and Fintech. It offers in-depth product and industrial analysis and discusses popular market trends and insights useful for startups and established businesses.


We’ll now move on to the most popular. Mashable has millions of social media followers and is one of the top blogs. It targets a global audience with digital culture, technology, and entertainment topics. Pete Cashmore founded it in 2005. He was wise to play the first-to-market move.

Altamira Developers

Altamira Developers, a blog with a technical focus, aims to provide expert content created by experts in custom software development. This includes markets such as Insurance, Fintech, and Retail. We know that data management is a valuable asset for businesses and have extensive experience in this area.

The Verge

The Verge, one of my favorites, also focuses on digital content. This includes podcasts, entertainment shows, news, and product reviews. The blog launched in 2011 with an emphasis on the future.

Outsource IT Today

This blog is interesting. You will find articles about the new metaverse trends, NFT, and classics like crawlers and PHP. Check out the latest articles and research. The team is also active in supporting various charitable organizations.


CNet, the most extensive media network, publishes articles, videos, podcasts, and news about consumer electronics and technologies. CNet is one of the most popular websites, with more than 200 million monthly visitors. It covers mainstream tech news, including mobile, computer security, tech culture and internet, Apple, Google, etc.


Kualitatem, a leading Software Quality Assurance Company in the IT Sector, is a highly regarded company. Their blogs provide information on QA techniques, QA practices, and best practices. Kualitatem offers actionable tips in QA, Technology Consulting, Advisory, and Auditing through these blogs. These blogs cover topics from beginners to advanced, including, but not limited to, Performed Security and Usability, Cross-Platform Compatibility, Automation, and Functional testing. These technical blogs can help you improve your QA processes.

Testrig Technologies

Testrig Technologies is made up of QA professionals who are passionate and dedicated. Their blog reflects their passion for QA testing. They are attempting to explore and discuss the latest Trends, Tools, and Best Practices in the Software Testing Industry through their Software Testing Blog. These blogs provide QA tips and guidelines in the technology world. Testrig blogs include categories such as Web Testing, Mobile App Testing, and Automation Testing. These categories contain detailed information about best practices, methodologies, and QA Techniques. This is useful for both beginners and experienced QA testers.


ReadWrite was launched in 2003 to provide industry news, reviews, and analysis. It focuses on specific topics, including IoT, AR/VR, and fintech. Its quality content has made it famous and a worthy addition to our list.


Quality, a cloud-based testing tool that is industry standard, provides software testing services. You can find many examples of how this tool is used in the blogs. These include creating test plans, increasing software testing productivity and traceability, and manual and automated testing features. Quality Blog also covers how to use testing tools for central control of an entire project, which is crucial for managing and tracking all testing assets. This blog is an excellent source of information for beginners and more advanced software testers.

Daily Tech Times

The Daily Tech Times covers many tech-related subjects, but its content on software testing is the reason it’s so successful. The site is an excellent resource for potential testers, as well as testers who are interested in learning more about software testing. It covers the entire spectrum of the industry, including the process and career. It provides regular, high-quality content to satisfy your curiosity about software testing.

Did you enjoy the article? Add more diversity and fun to our list by discussing gaming tech blogs.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun

What a great name! Like their name, the content of their website is also exceptional. It is a PC-exclusive news source with hourly reviews and guides on gaming hardware and games. Rock, Paper, Shotgun is aimed at game developers and gamers who want to learn more about gaming.


GamesRadar+ has become the benchmark for gaming technology blogs. It is a significant player because it merged and absorbed Edge, SFX Total Film, and Computer and Video Games sister magazines. It has all the entertainment, gaming, and technical content you could want.

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